FORCE Technology in the Knowledge System

As a GTS-company FORCE Technology’s basic service business and our research and development activities are each others requisites. We find and develop ourselves in the intersection between the research and corporate worlds.

The basic service business ensures financing of our R&D activities. But the service business also ensures market intelligence from our large customer base, which is the basis for our business relevant R&D activities and for knowledge intensive consultancies.

Many services, more knowledge

We support Danish industry’s competitiveness and innovative abilities through a wide range of services. From commercially provided services such as metrology and calibration, inspection and testing to publicly supported trade promoting agreements such as centre- and networking creations, educational and development courses, knowledge coupons etc.

FORCE Technology gathers and collects knowledge and builds up competences through national and international contacts for leading universities and knowledge institutes within our fields of activity; Knowledge and competences strengthening our servicing of the corporate world and of the public sector.

Basic facilities

Over the years we have invested considerable amounts in establishing and implementing testing- and trial facilities. These are applied e.g. in centre co-operation with universities and sector research; they constitute the core of many innovation networks and in a number of different services.

It is characteristic for many research and development projects that the large companies’ efforts as regards financing as well as knowledge are of great use to both small and medium sized companies.

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