Project updates corrosion control design for offshore wind farm structures

Date: 2012-11-02

Recent discoveries have documented that corrosion control internally and externally on offshore renewable energy structures may be inadequate. A joint industry project shall update corrosion control design guidelines for the offshore wind farm structures.


Reduce cost an optimize life expectancy

FORCE Technology, Institut de la Corrosion from France, Vattenfall A/S and DONG Energy A/S collaborate on creating a Joint Industry Project that aims at generating realistic and sufficient data to update corrosion control design guidelines specifically for the offshore wind farm structures. The major objective is to obtain reduced costs for corrosion protection as well as optimized structures matching life expectancy of foundations. The project will be divided into three phases that will consist of literature studies and collection of experiences, data collection on site of existing offshore sites e.g. measuring current demand, corrosion rates and cathodic protection performance and finally project documentation, guidelines and recommendations.

New partners are invited to join the project

The project is estimated to last three years and the final contract should be agreed and signed by end of 2012. New partners representing wind farm owners and operators are invited to join the project to obtain a wide, joint understand in the industry.

Guideline for corrosion control

The final project output will be a guideline on design basis for cathodic protection with respect to actual conditions at sites, corrosion rate data within presently installed foundations and recommendations for corrosion control.

Further information

An information meeting has been held and more operators in the offshore renewable energy industry have indicated their interest in the project. Please contact Lars Nøhr-Nielsen at or at +45 43 26 73 68 if you need more information or read the brochure here.

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