Kayak design thoroughly tested by FORCE Technology

Date: 2005-07-13

The Danish kayak manufacturer Struerkajak A/S has taken a patent for a new hull design for their new two-seater kayak. In this connection FORCE Technology has computer tested 9 different designs in their advanced simulators and they have also build an exact replica of the kayak.

FORCE Technology’s calculations show that the new two-seater kayak from Struerkajak A/S is 3 % faster compared to similar top models from the competitors. In a 500 meters final this will give a lead of approximately half a boat lenght if the paddles are used with the same intensity. And as 500 meter finals often are settled with margins of some hundreds of a second an improvement of 3 % is revolutionary.

Struerkajak A/S is now looking for two world class kayakers who can row the new kayak to olympic gold in Beijing 2008, so that sales seriously can rocket off.

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