Advanced flow measurement with a European perspective

Date: 2008-08-07

FORCE Technology and the Danish Technological Institute have joined forces to develop a new advanced flow measurement initiative. The flow areas of European Gas Cubic Metre and Laser Doppler Velocimetry are becoming international focus areas.

The initiative is based on the already existing national reference laboratories in the flow area which are located at FORCE Technology and the Danish Technological Institute. The laboratories cover water flow, gas flow and flow services in other liquids than water.

Demand for flow measurement of energy consumption

Internationally there is a growing demand for advanced flow measurement techniques for measuring energy consumption, including gas and district heating, and it is this demand we are now seeking to meet. The techniques developed can also be used for advanced control and adjustment of energy and industrial processes directly linked to energy efficiency.

A primary laboratory for the gas cubic metre will be established at FORCE Technology

Today, the Danish Technological Institute is the only laboratory in Europe offering advanced flow measurement in water, including Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV).

From a scientific and technical perspective, Denmark is a market leader in this area and the aim of the new initiative is to draw international attention to this position in the area of metrology. International workshops will be held and we will examine whether the methods can be used in connection with medical research.

Primary laboratory for gas at FORCE Technology

In the course of the next few years the traceability system for establishing the gas cubic metre will partly be based on the “metre” when measuring volume, and partly on the “international kilogram” when converting from mass to flow (gas volume per time unit). A fundamental system will be used whereby a volume of gas displaces a volume of liquid, which is measured.

A primary laboratory for the gas cubic metre will be established at FORCE Technology. FORCE Technology will subsequently collaborate with the Dutch NMi-VSL, the German PTB and the French LNE-LADG laboratory with regard to the European gas cubic metre.

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