Fast materials identification with PMI

Date: 2008-07-11

FORCE Technology has invested in four new mobile PMI devices for materials identification. Customers all over the world may now get fast analyses of their metals and in this way reduce the risk of errors.

With the purchase of four new mobile PMI (Positive Materials Identification) devices distributed among the locations Brøndby, Esbjerg, Århus and Sweden, FORCE Technology is capable of providing the customers with fast service as regards materials identification and sorting.

Analysis equipment for all tasks

In addition to the mobile PMI devices, FORCE Technology also has advanced laboratory equipment capable of measuring gold and silver content in jewellery, among other things. If it is necessary with an even deeper look under the surface of the different materials, FORCE Technology uses its own electronic microscope, which can provide magnifications of up to 400,000 times.

Identification of composition of elements

Mr. Ole Bundgaard, Head of Department for Chemical Analysis at FORCE Technology, says: ”With our mobile PMI equipment we can now identify the composition of elements in different types of materials. We rush to the customers on site so they can get fast analysis results at a very competitive price.”

He continues: ”The PMI method is non-destructive and is typically applied to high-alloyed steel, but also materials such as low-alloyed steel, titanium, nickel and copper. On account of the device mobility we may, in addition to analysing individual components, also analyse already existing structural parts such as welded seams on tanks, bridges and other permanent structures.”

Know the quality of your raw materials

Many companies with imports of steel and other materials from certain parts of the world experience problems with the materials quality. With PMI it is possible to provide fast, non-destructive control of whether the materials fulfil the specifications.

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