Meet us at NSM - Nordic Welding Conference 2010

Date: 2010-06-15

FORCE Technology gives two presentations at the Nordic Welding Conference NSM 2010 on optimised welding of wind turbine towers and surface treatment of components in the power plant sector.




FORCE Technology gives two presentations at NSM 2010



Steen Ussing and Peter Tommy Nielsen will represent FORCE Technology at NSM 2010, a two-day conference from 20 – 22 October 2010 in Stockholm. Welding applications in sectors like wind energy, nuclear power, oil and gas, geothermal energy and the automotive industry will be dealt with at the conference. On 22 October you can choose between two company visits.

Steen Ussing will talk about how productivity and quality of welding in wind turbine tower manufacturing may be increased. Now it is possible for one welding operator to supervise the work with two work stations simultaneously.

Peter Tommy Nielsen will present how the service life of equipment and components in the power plant sector can be prolonged by using techniques for surface treatment like cold gas spraying, laser fusing and thermal spraying.

This conference will inspire you and give you an idea of how to improve productivity, quality and working environment as well as reduce your company’s negative environmental impact.

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