Calibration facilities

A small view of FORCE Technology's gas calibration facility

FORCE Technology offers calibration of measuring instruments with the correct operation pressure and the right medium. This is the only way in which errors can be reduced to an absolute minimum. FORCE Technology calibrates with a guaranteed accuracy of max. 0.2 per cent.

FORCE Technology's calibration facilities enable calibration of gas flow meters under a pressure of up to 50 bar. The system is unique and probably the only one of its kind in the world.


National Reference Laboratory for gas flow measurement

FORCE Technology’s Metrology & Calibration section acts as a National Reference Laboratory for gas flow measurement. FORCE Technology has developed, specified, computed and designed the system which, in addition to calibration of natural gas flow meters, can be used for calibration of all types of gas meters using certain con-version factors.

Accredited calibration of gas meters and flow meters

FORCE Technology is accredited by DANAK for the calibration and verification of all types of gas meters and flow meters, including:

  • Turbine meters
  • Swirl meters
  • Ultrasonic measuring instruments
  • Vortex meters, Coriolis meters
  • Thermal mass flow meters
  • Mass flow controllers
  • V-cone meters
  • Various dp meters.
  • Capacity
  • Flow (8 – 10.000 m3/h) (10 - 400.000 m3N/h)
  • Mass flow (6 - 300.000 kg/h)
  • Dimensions (2” – 16”)
  • Pressure range (0 – 50 bar)
  • Uncertainty (< 0.20%)
  • Medium (Natural gas: 0 - 50 bar) (Air: 0 - 25 bar) 
  • Gas temperature (10º - 30ºC)
  • Traceability (PTB and NMI).

Verification of CO2 quotas and natural gas
Introduction of CO2 quotas in the EU countries and verification of these quotas will result in a need for more frequent calibration of a number of measuring instruments in the coming years. Therefore, there is increased focus on natural gas meters and their accuracy of measurement. 

FORCE Technology provides high-pressure calibration of gas flow meters with natural gas as medium. The high-pressure calibration facility is built as a closed loop with a low loss of pressure, meaning that our facilities can operate at maximum flow and maximum pressure all the year round.

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