New paint types repel rust and are gentle on the environment

FORCE Technology is conducting comprehensive tests for ABB to find optimal and environmentally friendly surface treatment of transformer stations.

We see them in the Swedish forests. We see them along the sandy roads of Egypt. In Denmark they are quite an ordinary sight, and the same applies to the USA. All over the world ABB transformer stations mind their job irrespective of wind and weather.

Being exposed to snow, salty sea winds, rough weather, sun and sand storms can be a tough job. However, ABB transformer stations must be able to take the strain without impacting the environment – for that is what they are designed for.

In collaboration with FORCE Technology, the Group has tested paint systems for surface treatment of transformer stations that reduce the content of volatile organic compounds (VOC) present in the paints used so far.

New wet lacquer paint concept

“Environmental considerations are specifically important to ABB. Our environmental strategy states clearly that the use of VOCs should be minimised. Therefore, ABB approached FORCE Technology to have the options of a more environmentally friendly surface treatment of our transformer stations examined. And which also in a future perspective could fulfil our requirements for corrosion protection and climatic impacts,” says Ivan Pedersen, Project Manager of ABB.

All over the world ABB transformer stations mind their job irrespective of wind and weather.

The comprehensive test programme for the environmentally friendly, corrosion-preventing paint types that had been suggested was assigned to Peter Kronborg, a specialist in corrosion and metallurgy of FORCE Technology. He explains:

Optimal systems

“We have, on an ongoing basis, received about fifty sets of galvanised test panels with different paint types applied. Each set consisted of 7 panels which we exposed to a salt spray test for up to 1440 hours and a tropical chamber test for up to 720 hours in our own test facilities. These climatic tests were performed in accordance with ISO 12944-6, and we have now found several wet lacquer systems which may honour ABB’s environmental requirements and requirements for durability in relation to the climatic impacts.”

Environmentally friendly solution

ABB has implemented two of the approved systems and is furthermore testing several other systems in a natural climatic test in Denmark and South Africa, as the surface treatment is also to be tested for authentic impacts from the changeable weather in different, extreme geographic areas. However, Ivan Pedersen and ABB are satisfied.

“By focusing on the environmental aspect, we have reduced the impact on both human beings and the environment considerably. The working environment during the paint process has been improved, and the emission of the volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere has been minimised considerably,” says Ivan Pedersen.

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