Hallmarking of Danish silver safeguards exports

Georg Jensen A/S and Dyrberg/Kern A/S now have their precious metal products hallmarked in accordance with convention by Ædelmetalkontrollen (the Danish Assay Office) to provide for their smooth export.

In contrast to the rules in Denmark, under the hallmarking regulations of many other countries goods made of precious metals must be submitted for compulsory assay and hallmarking by an authorised assay office prior to marketing.

The world renowned Danish silversmith Georg Jensen, whose finely crafted products have a large international public, has long been aware of this fact. Dyrberg/Kern A/S has had a similar experience when selling its new series of jewellery in the international market. The export market is crucial and thus hallmarking performed by the Danish Assay Office at FORCE Technology is also crucial.

Georg Jensen A/S and the Danish Assay Office have signed an agreement on the hallmarking of gold and silverware intended for export to the UK. The agreement comprises the assay and inspection of raw materials and finished products with subsequent hallmarking of jewellery intended for export.

Elegant jewellery has always been an object of admiration. Here a specimen from Georg Jensen A/S. 

Dyrberg/Kern A/S also takes advantage of the Danish Assay Office’s obligations concerning requisitioned assay and hallmarking as these are laid down in Danish law.

Facilitating exports

Assay and hallmarking are a guarantee that the products comply with the special UK rules on decorative art products, thereby smoothing the way for efficient export.

- “FORCE Technology is extremely quick to react if any products require discussion, and this enables us to quickly get back to our suppliers to remedy any problems that may arise, thereby safely guaranteeing that our products comply with our specifications,” says Quality Manager Trine Eiken at Georg Jensen. She goes on to say, “We are extremely anxious to extend collaboration towards establishing more flexible hallmarking procedures to enable us to focus our resources even more on production.”

The sector is with us

The public is fascinated by precious metals, not just because of the beauty of the products made from them but also very much by virtue of the fact that precious metals have traditionally been investment objects, either in the form of coins or as decorative art and jewellery.

Today, works in precious metal are covered by an international convention on hallmarking and assay, which provides for the verification of quality and value by one of the authorised precious metal inspectors. In Denmark, the National Agency for Enterprise and Construction has appointed FORCE Technology to perform precious metal assay and inspection.

- “We perform chemical and visual analysis to test the composition of the metal and verify that the product complies with its specifications,” says specialist Ole Petersen from FORCE Technology.

International convention

The hallmarking of precious metals undertaken by the Danish Assay Office at FORCE Technology is done according to the Convention of the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals. Hallmarking according to the convention is voluntary, but it means that goods which are marked with the recognised CCM hallmark can be sold freely in many other countries including EU countries without additional checks.

In Denmark for example, silverware is hallmarked with the well known 3-tower hallmark and the Common Control Mark (CCM) hallmark of the convention. 

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