Complicated process systems are no problem for FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology has just carried out a comprehensive and very successful energy study at the JSC Acron fertiliser plant in Novogrod, Russia.

The Russian fertiliser industry is on the verge of being commercialised which means the focus will turn to optimising production and minimising costs.

By carrying out a thorough assessment of the complex processing plant it was possible to create a model for the whole process. In this, FORCE Technology was helped by their simulation tools for energy systems. With the model it was then possible to create various improvement scenarios, where the effect of the solution on the overall process could be documented.

With the help of the model it has been possible to identify and prioritise possible improvements, resulting in 11 initiatives which have a maximum repayment period of 4 years.

Huge operational savings

At the same time, FORCE Technology has helped the company identify the possibility of using cleaner energy technologies thereby strengthening its environmental profile.

The company has already taken the first of the suggested steps which has resulted in an annual saving of 10 million Nm3 in the consumption of natural gas. Consequently, the JSC Acron plant has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 21,000 tons on a yearly basis.

The tools used by FORCE Technology in this project include:

  • Analysis and modelling of energy systems
  • Pinch-analysis of energy flow
  • Optimisation of the heat-exchanger network
  • Surface treatment of flow components for
    minimising energy consumption
  • Advice on CO2 legislation and quotas
  • Advice on eco-management.

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