Newly developed x-ray scanner with promising prospects

The first version of the new process control x-ray scanner is already sold. FORCE Technology has been developing the scanner for four years in collaboration with Sciteq-Hammel that produces, markets and sells the scanner. For example, FORCE Technology has supplied key components of the scanner’s x-ray system.

A raw materials money saver

The x-ray scanner is part of a major, joint development project on industrial metrology and offers very accurate measuring of the thickness of pipe layers, e.g. PVC pipes with three different layers. The scanner’s measurements are utilised to ensure an accurate thickness without suspension of production. Thus, the tolerance requirements can be precisely met and the materials consumption reduced, which represents a significant advantage with plastics raw materials making up 80% of overall pipe costs.

The patented technology is based on xraying the pipe, and subsequently measuring the reduction of the x-raying.The x-ray source and detector system are moved upwards and downwards with the use of a mechanical scanner to measure a number of parameters, e.g. density changes. Using a special data processing technique, you can determine the thickness of the individual pipe layers.

The metrology equipment was tested for a certain period of time at a dedicated plant. FORCE Technology compared the results with the results of geometrical measurements that are based on lab measurements of dimensions and density of random samples.The results were so promising that they led to a signed contract with Sciteq-Hammel on the delivery of the equipment to a European company. Considering the successful results, Sciteq-Hammel has high expectations for the equipment and FORCE Technology will continue to deliver key components of the system.

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