Could your business save money on packaging costs?

V & S Distillers A/S, who use huge amounts of different types of packaging, asked themselves why there was such a difference in the environmentally based levy paid on two types of packaging that ought to have had the same levy applied.

FORCE Technology was asked to compare the two products using the same criteria used in the original assessment, but going into more detail. This was made possible through a close dialogue with the raw material producer and the manufacturer.

Dialogue on the cost of packaging

The comparison showed that the two products were basically the same when it came to impact on the environment, although the more expensive one had a small and consistent edge. However, through carrying out this assessment, V & S Distillers are now able to approach the Danish Customs & Tax Authorities with a view to having the same low duty imposed on both products.

We are talking about saving a lot of money here, so the initial investment in a study of this kind can quickly be returned. At the same time, the producer of the raw materials, the packaging manufacturer and V & S Distillers have become much more aware of how the life cycle of their products impact the environment.

The Life Cycle Assessment Centre (LCA) and FORCE Technology

The Government’s levy on packaging materials is based on the environmental properties of materials and products.

Through its participation in LCA-Centre Denmark, FORCE Technology has a thorough knowledge of how the so-called environmental index for packaging is calculated. We are therefore able to advise Danish and foreign companies on how environmental levy conditions for their products can be optimised.

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