Green Responsibility – makes a difference!

If you include "green" considerations in your daily habits, any consumer can both protect the environment and save a lot of money

FORCE Technology has major consultancy expertise within the environmental aspects of products. Recently, FORCE Technology findings have been a central element in the Danish Ministry of the Environment’s campaign ”Green Responsibility” which deals with environmentally correct behaviour in various everyday situations of the Danish population.

”We must protect the environment – it pays off”. This is what the Danish newspaper, Berlingske Tidende, wrote when the Danish Environmental Protection Agency launched its campaign ”Green Responsibility – makes a difference!” headed by environment minister Connie Hedegaard at the end of November 2005.

The objective of the campaign was to focus on the co-responsibility that we all have for our future environment and on the numerous opportunities we have every day to be more environmentally aware.

Willingness to take care of the environment

Most Danes want to act environmentally correct and many people do, but sometimes it may be difficult for the individual to know what actually could be done. With the ”Green Responsibility” campaign, the Ministry of the Environment would like to demonstrate that with a little bit of reflection and few resources, it is possible to make a difference.

Low-energy light bulbs and recycled tins are but a few of the choices we can make as green consumers in order to take care of the environment and our own finances every day.

In connection with the campaign, FORCE Technology has made a number of calculations of typical everyday situations for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to show the effect when each Dane considers the environment. Among other things, we have calculated how much power and consequently how much money that could be saved every year if you start using low-energy light bulbs. The calculations were accompanied by good advice on environmentally correct behaviour which have been promoted on the website

Experience was the decisive factor

In competition with other suppliers, FORCE Technology was chosen to calculate the environmental consequences of the daily behaviour of Danish citizens. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency chose FORCE Technology because we have many years’ experience in the environmental properties of products and we are able to communicate our technical knowledge in a language and in a form which enables customers to act on it immediately. Furthermore, our bid included a thorough explanation of how we would solve the task.

A very satisfied customer

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has been most satisfied with the cooperation and the result has lived up to its expectations: ”A meticulous and efficient effort was made within the tight deadline that was set for the campaign”, says Bodil Harder, managing clerk at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. “After the campaign we have noted extensive press coverage and good operational results”.

Messages that everyone can understand

”The fact that FORCE Technology was able to make the environmental calculations and to communicate the messages so that they could be used immediately by us and the target group of the campaign – the Danish population – was a major advantage. FORCE Technology’s work could be included directly on the website of the campaign for Green Responsibility”, says Bodil Harder, managing clerk at the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

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