Tank floor inspection reaches new levels

Date: 2006-05-31

To provide full documentation of a tank condition, FORCE Technology Sweden AB has invested in a new floor scanner, which utilizes the MFL technology. Our tank floor scanning procedure fulfills all clients' needs for documentation.

The FloormapVS scanner allows us to investigate corrosion on the bottom surface of tank floors with a metal thickness of up to 20 mm and with a non-magnetic coating up to 6 mm thick. During the scan, the estimated depth and location (XY coordinates) of any corrosion on an individual plate are recorded.

The report software automatically generates a CAD drawing of the tank floor showing the corrosion and using colour coding to indicate depth. All data relating to the areas of corrosion can be printed for each plate and for the entire tank floor.

Under heating coils and supports we can scan using our Silverwing Handscan, providing full tank floor coverage.

As for all other NDE techniques, the MFL technology has limitations, thus, supplemental investigations will be required in order to fulfill our tank floor scanning procedure.

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